Welcome to my sassy lyfe! 

Iā€™m Nicole! I am a sassy wife, foodie freak, wine lover, hustler, gratitude junkie and fit mom who loves her family and fur babies.  


I believe in the power of starting the day with  gratitude for all of the amazing things in our life.  I believe in caring for yourself first so you can care for those you love. (A little sass a day keeps the wrinkles away!)  I believe an amazing meal can change the course of a day. I believe in eliminating obstacles to create a lifestyle of total wellness for you and your family, while making amazing memories with those you love. I believe we can be fit, beautiful and sassy at any age and am passionate about helping other ladies learn the same!  

I help sassy over 40, busy wives and mommas  learn to kick their sugar habit, fit in exercise into the busiest schedule and supplement their bodies so they can stay healthy and sassy, look their absolute best and create a lifestyle of wellness for their families, while looking and feeling better and younger than ever. (Age IS just a number!)

I love sharing my sugar detox journey and my that started 12 years ago and my world class supplements with other sassy ladies and provide step by step guides and  all of my personal tips, tricks and a tool kit to create time  in the busiest of  schedules to live a life of health and happiness.   I have created  a lifestyle of routine that ensures I can maintain my weight and health without starving, suffering or using or needing  a gimmicky diet.  I teach my clients to do the same and live a sassy, healthy life!

I make living a healthy lifestyle not addicted to sugar not only possible but fun and enjoyable!

I help busy ladies realize there is a difference in aging and aging well and that sugar is the devil for us!  

I constantly research for my clients to ensure I can help develop a plan that is unique to their individual needs and goals. I always try new things to ensure I have the best lifestyle products available to share with my fellow sassy ladies.

I provide you with all the tools needed to live the healthy  and happy life you imagine while having the time of your life!  

I'm here to show you how you can fit  that glass of wine that  we 40ish ladies love so much into your plan!

It is time to feel amazing and healthy every single day!

It is time to start taking care of yourself so you have the energy to care for those you love!
 It is time to discover the time and energy to create a  healthy, fit lifestyle you desire for yourself and your family.