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11 years ago, I was a wife and a mom that was exhausted, drinking 6+ Dr. Peppers a day trying to find the energy to keep going, drinking too much red wine, hoping for a good night’s sleep, eating a TON of fast food and processed food because there literally was not enough hours in the day. Sound familiar??

I looked in the mirror and my face looked puffy and bloated as did my arms and stomach. Weight was not the issue. Weight loss was not my goal. I just looked unhealthy and felt more exhausted than ever. I knew something had to change. I started researching clean eating and learning about the effects of sugar. I didn’t know that sugar was LITERALLY in everything!

I started my work with that 6+ a day Dr. Pepper habit I had for years. I always convinced myself that is where I got my energy. Water? I never drank it. Could not stand it. I started cutting back and replacing the Dr. Peppers with water. I cut back to 5 a day, then 4, then 3, then 2, then 1.

Can you feel me? Totally relate? Ready to detox from that addictive shit? I got you love! Download my free sugar detox guide and let's get you going on the path to health and wellness! I am the sugar detox queen. 11 years strong!

Grab your guide below and let's work to create a healthier, more energetic you!